Soapstone Oil Burner

Soapstone Oil Burner

Product Description

Soapstone Oil Burner
This charming Soapstone Oil Burner creates beautiful fragrance and complements any decor. The soapstone has a delicate jali-style design.

This lets the tea light create a soft glow, while the scent creates the perfect mood for relaxing and entertaining.

Carved Soap Stone Oil Burners bring natural style and intricate pattern into your home. These burners complement any decor and are a classic way to enjoy your fragrance.

Soap stone is heat resistant and distributes heat evenly, so your fragrance oil is warmed quickly and evenly for a truly beautiful fragrance.

*Suitable for use with Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils *Soap stone distributes heat evenly for steady release of scent from oils *Soap stone is heat resistant *Always use Unscented Tea Lights for purest fragrance.

NOTE: Colors & designs may vary, as no two are completely alike!