Flying Cat - Small

Flying Cat - Small
Item# BTH-FLG-014

Product Description

Flying Cat - Small
Wooden mobile sculpture of a Flying Cat hand crafted and painted in Indonesia. Wings detach for ease of travel. Measures approximately 6" long x 5 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" tall.

Each cat is hand painted and colors will vary from what is pictured. Unfortunately, because our stock is always changing, we are unable to ship specific colors or patterns on orders. Cats will be chosen randomly.

Flying Guardians, sometimes called "Cradle Guardians" are hand made wood mobiles from Indonesia.

The myth behind the Flying Guardians was that in ancient times, there lived a powerful Hindu King that loved his baby son more then anything else. The king had a special nanny to take care and watch over his son. When the nanny had to leave for an extended journey, the king would not trust anyone else to watch over his child. He asked artists from his kingdom to carve a sculpture of his nanny to hang over the baby's cradle. It was then believed that the sculpture would protect the baby from evil spirits, as well as evil dreams.

Cradle Guardians are still produced by Indonesian artisans. They have expanded from flying angels to winged creatures from the earth. It is believed that a Flying Guardian placed in ones home will drive away evil spirits and protect the premises from harm.