Caribbean Party CD

Caribbean Party CD
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Product Description

Take a Caribbean cruise with Putumayo to Martinique, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Jamaica, Montserrat and Haiti, and experience the infectious, hip-shaking rhythms of zouk, soca, compas and reggae.

Join local legends and international stars, Arrow, Tabou Combo, Krosfyah, Coalishun, Bunny Wailer, Ralph Thamar, Kali, Mystic Revealers, Eric Virgal, Bago and Patsy Geremy as they show us how to have fun in the sun.

The Caribbean region consists of many nations, most of them islands, with very diverse histories and cultures. Putumayo is pleased to present not only some of the best known musical stars from this region, but also a few artists beloved in their homelands but little known outside of the Caribbean.