Blues Lounge CD

Blues Lounge CD
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Product Description

Blues Lounge joins Putumayo’s Lounge Series, a successful collection of releases that explore new directions in world and roots music. It is also Putumayo’s fourth blues-themed release (Mali to Memphis, Mississippi Blues and American Blues).

Electronica superstar Moby was one of the first to reveal the exciting results that come from fusing the soul of rootsy blues with modern electronica and dance music. His gospel-flavored track “Run On” is featured on Blues Lounge.

In another novel approach, European DJs/producers Mo’ Horizons and Boozou Bajou from Germany and Belgium’s Gare du Nord have used samples of older blues recordings and worked with contemporary blues and soul singers and musicians to produce their accessible club music.

In the United States, the Fat Possum label from Oxford, Mississippi has been teaming up blues musicians with innovative producers such as Britain’s Adrian Sherwood and Atlanta’s Organized Noize. Tracks on Blues Lounge featuring the vocals of Little Axe and Johnny Farmer represent these bold new directions in blues music. The New York City DJ collective Organic Grooves derives its inspiration from a wide variety or roots and world music sources. Blues Lounge also includes two tracks from Tangle Eye, a team of New Orleans-based remixers who use samples of original vocal performances collected by musicologist Alan Lomax in the American South of the 1940s and 1960s.